5 Ways to Celebrate Reading Month at Home

5 Ways to Celebrate Reading Month at Home

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Welcome to March! As many of you may already know, March is also reading month.  Libraries and schools all across Michigan host activities and events to encourage the importance of reading.

You can also celebrate at home.  Here are 5 ways you can celebrate reading month with your kiddies:

  1. Create a fun recipe revolving around your child’s favorite book.  The most popular is Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.  Cook up some scrambled eggs and ham, add green food coloring, and PRESTO! Green Eggs and Ham.  Also add food coloring to milk to make it green.  That’s always a hit with the kids. It’s also a fun way to get them cooking in the kitchen.
  2. Create a pretend library.  Kids can use index cards and stamps to check out their books.  Basically just use all of the books you already own.  The kids will have a blast playing library and reading to each other.  My girls do this often.
  3. Dress up like your favorite book character.  Have your kids dress up and take turns reading their favorite books to each other.  Take lots of pictures.
  4. Have a little reading contest.  See how many picture books a child can read in half an hour.  This would be fun for the older crowd.  Too frustrating for younger ones learning how to read.  The winner gets some sort of prize. Can be anything you choose.  Or make a reading ribbon and have a pinning ceremony!
  5. Sing a song.  This can be fun and actually funny.  Instead of reading, have your child sing the words or even rap.  This is cute.  Get your video cameras ready!


What are some ways you have celebrated reading month with your child?  Feel free to share.  If you have pics of your child dressed as a favorite story character etc., feel free to submit and we can share them here on the blog with your permission of course! Just send to Lindsey@michiganmomliving.com!

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