How to Turn House Cleaning into a Workout! {Infographic}

How to Turn House Cleaning into a Workout! {Infographic}

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Cleaning is something that can be less than enjoyable task. We all want a sparkling clean home but the effort involved it get one is often a little too much. This infographic from HappyCleans, a company who provide house cleaning in Oklahoma City, looks at how to turn cleaning into a way to get fitter. If nothing else, it may encourage people to dread the prospect of cleaning a bit less than they do currently.

Before you start to clean put on some music and get into some comfortable clothes as you’re likely to work up a bit of a sweat. One of the most frequent tasks we put it off is dusting but remember that it does burn 174 calories in just an hour. You can even take dusting to the next level by adding light ankle weights to your wrists to help with arm tone.

Another household task no one likes doing is taking out the trash but now you can turn it into a bit of a toning exercise. It’s the perfect chance to do some bicep curls so lift those bags up and down next time the trash needs to go out. Check out the full infographic now!


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