5 Amazing Benefits of Ketogenic Diet {Guest Post}

5 Amazing Benefits of Ketogenic Diet {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Noor Najam

The Ketogenic diet is the most renowned diet in the world lately for weight loss and good general health. There is a very simple principle which forms the basis of this diet: make most of your daily food intake fat content, eat a moderate-sized portion of proteins alongside, and eat little to no carbohydrate. It is needless to say that you must consume these food groups in the form of healthy, organic food.

What this does is instigate a process known as ketosis in your body where fat is the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. And the advantages? Well, there are plenty. Let us run you through five of the biggest advantages you reap from a keto diet:

Lose Weight Really Fast

Let’s face it, the biggest reason why people are so taken by the Ketogenic diet lately is that of the promising results when it comes to weight loss. You will notice a guaranteed difference in what your weight scale shows almost every day.

So why does this happen? Well, when our body stops using carbs for energy, it turns to the other readily available store which is fat. When you use the fat in fresh food instead of carbs for energy your fat deposits become exhausted which really helps you shed pounds fast.


Get Your Dream Summer Bod

The very first source of fat deposits which is utilized is that in your belly. So the first thing that you will notice about your ketosis-induced self is a flat, shapely belly which you have been dreaming about for so long now.

Eventually, the rolls of fat in other places of your body like the upper arms and thighs will also lessen and you will be left with a body that will have heads turning every time you visit the beach.


Boost Your Energy Generation

Fat is a much more potent source of energy than carbohydrates. So the same amount of carbohydrates will release a lot less energy. This means that you will have a lot more energy during the day than you would when you are on a normal diet.

So what do you do with all this extra energy? Work out, of course! Give your body the shape and curves you have always desired by working out and toning your body to its maximum potential.


Better Brain Function

So before ketosis was used for weight loss, doctors used to prescribe this diet to children who had epilepsy. This was because it had been noted that children on the Keto diet get fewer seizures than children on a normal diet because ketone bodies replace glucose as the food of the brain.

Later on, it was also found that ketone bodies actually helped with concentration and made the brain function more efficiently. So start the keto diet now if you want to stop procrastinating too!


Decrease Chances of Many Diseases

This is probably the most obvious point after everything we have discussed. When you are losing fat content from your body, you are naturally decreasing chances of potential heart disease. Not only that, when you remove the excess fat from your abdominal region, your liver, kidney, stomach, everything starts functioning more efficiently. So the Keto diet also promises a healthy lifestyle for the future!


About the author

Noor Najam is a 22-year old student who loves to explore food delights and ever-growing new tastes of different regions. She likes to stay fit and make healthier food choices. She thinks she should have studied a culinary related bachelor’s degree instead of her current bachelors in Social Sciences. She regularly posts on https://pateeri.com/.


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