7 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your House Extra Warm Over The Winter

7 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your House Extra Warm Over The Winter

There are lots of ways to keep your house warm over the winter. Below are some of the cheapest and easiest ways that could help keep your home extra warm this season. Check them out!

Make use of tin foil

You can prevent unnecessary heat loss from radiators by using heat-reflective foil behind the radiator. The foil will prevent heat loss through the wall by reflecting it back to your home. Although you can use the regular kitchen foil, it’s best to use foil designed for this purpose for best results.

Use thick curtains

Want to protect your house from losing heat through the windows even further? Use thick curtains from now on. Better if you use curtains with a thermal lining as they are more designed for this purpose. You can also hang curtains onto your door to prevent heat loss further more.

Let the sunlight in when the sun shines brighter

Let the sunlight in during the day. Use natural and free heating as much as possible. Open your windows and your curtains when the sun is shining bright. Close it as soon as the dusk falls to prevent losing the heat that you acquire during day time.

Prevent heat loss through the chimney

If you are not using your fireplace for some reason, consider using a chimney balloon. A chimney balloon can be placed inside the chimney hole and gets inflated until it completely shuts out incoming cold air and outgoing heat. Just remember to put it out if you are about to use your fireplace.

Clear your radiators.

Don’t place a large piece of furniture in front of your radiator. If your sofa is blocking the radiator, remove it as it will absorb the heat. Make your radiator free and clear from any obstruction this winter season.

Install a shelf above your radiator

This trick works best if you have a high ceiling. Placing a shelf above your radiator can prevent the heat from going up further.  Do this especially if your radiator is placed below a window with thick curtains to prevent the warm air from being trapped between the curtain and the window itself.

Close unused rooms

Keep doors of unused rooms closed at all times. This will prevent the warm air from moving around rooms that are not being used. This will also keep the heat intact into a smaller area.

These tips and tricks can surely help make your home extra warm and cozy this winter season. Try them all and let us know how it works for your home!

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