Best 30-Day Workout Schedule to Build Muscle

Best 30-Day Workout Schedule to Build Muscle

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Building muscle is no joke. You need an intense workout with a good diet if you want to gain muscle. Even people we see on-screen rate muscle gaining as the most intense and lengthy process. According to fitness experts, muscle gaining is much easier than weight loss or fat burning because you have the right to eat anything you want.

Your calorie count needs to be in surplus and you will be converting all the surplus calories into muscle through your intense workout. This is an engaging process that takes time. If you want to get desired results within a limited period, you need to only focus on the workout and nothing else. Even the famous stars who are famous for their muscle gain usually talk about bodybuilding as a very hectic lifestyle.

According to Micheal B. Jordan, it took him around 3 months of intense workout, an extreme protein diet, and a lot of rest to get into shape. In fact, in an interview, he said there was no time for negativity in my life because I was working for more than 3 hours each day and I had to take more than 6 meals.

With the help of this article, we will explore how you can get better results in just 30 days without using any quick fixes. These workouts will give you an idea about muscle gain and how you can easily curate your workout routine or simply use the one we will mention. There is room for customization so track down your progress throughout and then change routine according to your convenience.

30-Day Workout Schedule to Build Muscle

This workout plan has been designed for better and quicker results. Most fitness trainers will tell you to give at least 3 months to your body. However, if you have a limited time, you can also use this workout routine and you will be able to get favorable results.

Set a Frequency

For this workout, your frequency will be three days a week. This will leave you four days which can be used for cardio because this will eventually help you stay in your form. In case you miss cardio training altogether, you will not be able to get better results because this will limit your movement and might even result in cramps. You also need to be very considerate of your tempo and keep in mind that you need to maintain a good workout tempo. Do not lift right up, instead break down the tempo into a simple 3-1-3-1 formula.

What Is Workout Tempo and How This Will Impact? 

The simple workout tempo and breaking down into 3-1-3-1 means you have to divide the weight lifting into seconds. Take 3 seconds as you move down and one second for the bar, then go with 3 seconds as you move it up, and then keep it for one second on top. This will offer your muscles enough time that they can trigger fat muscle twitching.

30 Days Extreme Training Routine

As you will be working for just three days a week and the rest will be cardio, we will only list a three-day workout that you can use for a month.

1st Day Workout

Start with a bench press and take your time perfecting that. Then move to incline dumbbell press, then to dumbbell overhead. This is an intense workout so perfecting the technique will help you otherwise you might end up with an injury. After that, you need to move to the upright row and the lying triceps extension. Finally, complete the first-day workout with 3 sets of dips.

2nd Day Workout 

For the second-day workout, you can start with weighted pull-ups and then move to a bent-over row. Then you can proceed with one arm, elbow in dumbbell row, face pull, and bicep curls using elastic bands. Finally, complete it off with a hammer curl and shrugs.

3rd Day Workout

You can dedicate the third day to the lower body workout. For the second day, start with giblet squats. You can use a kettlebell for that. Then move to barbell landmine squats, walking lunges, Romanian deadlift where you will be using dumbbells, and then kneeling cable crunch. Finally, complete your workout routine with a hanging leg raise.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are so many different workout options that you can try. Relying on just weight lifting for muscle gain is not a wise decision because your body needs some variation. You can use cardio workouts as well as cladistics workouts that will help you use your internal body weight for better muscle gaining workouts. Apart from this, focus on your diet and try to eat a healthy protein-packed diet that can help you gain muscle faster. In case you do not support your body with a good enough diet, you will soon see that you will end up losing muscle because the body will burn your muscle to generate energy. It is very important to focus on exercise, diet as well as lifestyle for quicker results.

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