Michigan Mother’s Day with momAgenda

Okay Michigan business moms, what is it you really would like to have this Mother’s Day 2012?  A new dress? Flowers? Candy? Jewelry?  How about a forever cherished handmade gift by your sweet children?  Whatever your desire this year, I can safely bet that you deserve all of this and much more.  I would hope that I fit this “deserving” category as well, haha!  I know that we Michigan moms could get really sappy and sentimental and just say “all we really want on Mother’s Day is to be with our family because we are so blessed.”  While all of this may be true, wouldn’t be nice to be especially recognized and appreciated on this special day we call Mother’s Day?

I was thinking about established Michigan mom businesses, new businesses, and soon to be launched businesses and how they can be celebrated.  Maybe you could do something different this year and hint for something unique to help your business grow.  In the past you  may have heard me mention momAgenda products.  Michigan Home Mommy Works is an affiliate for momAgenda.  I just love promoting their products based on what I see alone.  I was thinking of getting one of these products for a Michigan business mom I dearly love and maybe one for myself, haha.  Hey, we are allowed to give ourselves gifts on Mother’s Day right?  

momAgenda just recently launched a new improve look to their website.  They also released 2012-2013 products that you may be interested in checking out.  My personal favorite is the “Personal Portfolio.”  It comes in three colors: Shimmering-berry-pink, Shimmering-spring-green, and Shimmering-smokey-gray.  This momAgenda product is made of Italian faux-leather.  Here are some other features you can expect to see in the personal portfolio:

  • Pockets for extra papers
  • Pockets for business cards
  • Snap closure to keep everything in place
  • 12 month calendar with unique layout with space for mom and up to four children.
  • Three-ring binder system for to-do-lists, phone numbers, kids’ and adults’ medical information, birthdays, websites, addresses/phone numbers and more.
  • It also contains a ruler to “mark this page.”

My second favorite momAgenda product is the “Kitchen Folio.”  The Kitchen Folio is less expensive than the personal portfolio and comes in one color; Cherry-Pink.  What I like about this product is that it helps you organize all the crazy papers you would normally allow to get cluttered, like the overwhelming amounts of school papers.  The Kitchen Folio allows you to organize all of this into one place and all the important information that you would tag onto the fridge.

One more momAgenda product I would like to mention since I was previously discussing Mother’s Day is the “Every Day is Mother’s Day Journal.” This product comes in two colors: Sangria-Pink and Sea-Blue.   To get a peak of this journal along with details and features go to momAgenda journal.

I am planning on a Michigan mom business review/giveaway for the Kitchen Folio sometime in the future, stay tuned for that. 

Many Blessings!

*If you have a product that you would like to donate for a possible review/giveaway, please contact me at lindsey@michiganhomemommyworks.com.

Lindsey Jenn

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