A Free Network for Michigan Mom Consultants

For those of you who have not heard the news, the new Michigan Mom Consultant Network Beta Testing is now over.  But guess what?  I found a small payment plan (which Michigan Home Mommy Works was able to cover) and the network is now free to all Michigan mom consultants.  It was going to originally be $20 a year per consultant but found that wasn’t going to work so I found a plan where it’s only $20 for the entire year for everyone!  Isn’t that great?  In the days ahead I anticipate more features as the network grows.

If you know of a Michigan mom who also happens to be a consultant for say Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Thirty-One, Arbonne, etc., (the list goes on and on) please send them to our new network.  It’s a chance to connect with other consultants and give each other encouragement etc., and possibly purchase each other’s products and begin word of mouth to build teams. 

If you would like to know more about the Michigan Mom Consultant Network, you can contact me at lindsey@michiganhomemommyworks.com or you can preview the sign-up/sign-in page here.

Sorry that this post is short. As you may have read yesterday, I just got over a very brief flu bug and getting back into things today.  I have a few more posts lined up in the future ranging from Michigan mom featured posts to mom deals etc., stay tuned for those.  I hope you have a blessed day Michigan business moms! It looks like a beautiful one.

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Lindsey Jenn

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