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I would like to introduce to you another amazing yet unique Michigan mom business: Military Apparel Company. Before sharing this business with you I would like to introduce a Senior Recruiter/Director of Military Apparel Company, Lori Thueme.

Michigan business mom Lori Thueme, has been married for 24 years and is a mom of 3 children. Lori and her husband live in Saint Clair and are “months away from beginning a new chapter in their lives as empty nesters.”

Lori’s oldest daughter Aimee just graduated from Ferris State with a Bachelor of Science and is going back to pursue her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Her son Erik is a Senior Airman in the Air Force. He is currently in Utah after spending two years in Germany. Lori’s youngest daughter Ariana will be graduating from high school and is currently waiting for her leave date for Air Force Basic Training.

“After my son left the Air Force, I was looking for anything military that I could display to show my pride for him and our country. I found Military Apparel Company online and fell in love with the variety of items and love that they are made from his uniforms that I can send in.”
~Lori Thueme

Lori has worked her way up with Military Apparel Company as Senior Recruiter and Director with the company. She is still involved in sales as a recruiter and also with management as a director in charge of the company’s social media and hiring and training of new recruiters.

“I love to help other women build their businesses and share this unique opportunity.”
~Lori Thueme

Lori loves that fact that Military Apparel Company’s creations are made from personal uniforms which allowed her to keep a little of her son with her while he was in Germany. This Michigan mom business can take any item of sentimental value and turn it into a useful or meaningful bag or accessory giving it new life.

“Giving back a portion of my sales to organizations that support the military is very important to me.”
~Lori Thueme

If you would like more info on Military Apparel Company’s products, you can contact Lori directly at: (810) 637-1542. You can also visit her website at and on Facebook at

“Not only is Military Apparel Company known for designing great bags and accessories, they are a great source of support for the military community.”

A big Thank you to Lori for allowing me to showcase her business today. Her story is very inspirational and something that will be remembered and cherished in the days to come. I know that the military is close to my heart as my father-in-law fought for our country in the Vietnam War. My husband was on his way into the Marines until a knee injury hindered his entrance after ROTC. He still is a major supporter as it runs in his family. I have a cousin currently serving our country overseas and we are praying for protection and a safe return. His lovely bride is waiting for him in Alaska and we think of them often!

If you would like your Michigan mom business featured here on Michigan Home Mommy Works, please feel free to contact me at for price details and other services available. I look forward to showcasing your business!

Lindsey Jenn

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