Support Michigan Mom Business: Honey Bee Academy

Calling on all Michigan mom businesses.  We have a fellow mompreneur in need of support for her childcare business.

Melissa Pangle, of Honey Bee Academy, is looking to expand her business by adding a special needs program and provide scholarships for low income families.  In order to help make this happen, she is in need of some votes.  Before I give you information where you can vote here is a summary of what Melissa’s goals are for her program:

“Honey Bee is constantly growing. The property consists of 2 buildings. Our current building is 2,214 square feet with two duplex style offices containing their own classrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Our future plans will include opening the second building to have a special needs wing.”
“The special needs classroom will be equipped with certified teachers trained to work directly with children in need of these services.  Special needs include but are not limited to children with autism, brain damage, etc.  This program will focus on integrating children into the real world and into an average classroom whenever possible.  The program will also feature therapy rooms.  Local children and therapists will be able to use these specific rooms by appointment when childcare hours are not in session.”

Special therapy rooms have proven to be beneficial for children and young adults with a wide variety of needs. Our goal is to create rooms that will be entertaining yet educational. Therapy rooms come in many varieties. Here is an example of what we plan to build in one of our therapy rooms Click Here to view.”
Additional support will include visual, sensory, physical, occupational and more. We plan on working with special needs teachers and programs to create an environment that can benefit the greatest amount of children and young adults. Our special needs wing will include a lending center which will include items the families can check out to continue their use at home.”

If you would like to vote for Honey Bee Academy to receive the proper financial aid for these services, go to

  • Click login and support on the lower left corner (you must be logged into fb to do this)
  • Search for Honey Bee Academy in Dexter, MI
  • Click support!

And that’s it!  The site does not as for any personal information.  I voted yesterday and it was super easy.  You are able to share your vote with your friends on facebook.  

Thanks for your support!

*If you would like for Michigan Home Mommy Works to support your mom business, please contact  I am only requesting a donation for this particular service.

Many blessings!

Lindsey Jenn

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