Michigan Moms: Stop paying more to be less comfortable at home!

We all know how difficult motherhood can be at times. Whether you’re running errands or running a business, there are many things to worry about during the day. Keeping your family comfortable in your home should not be one of them. Go Green Energy Consulting has the solutions you need to run a comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy home environment. Go Green Energy Consultant’s team of environmentally conscious experts can reduce home energy bills by 20-30% by uncovering the insulation inefficiencies and leaky spots that welcome drafts indoors.

Their process begins with trawling Michigan houses with thermal cameras and industrial-strength fans, uncovering the cold zones that suggest air leakage or closets full of icebergs. After pinpointing these draft sources during “energy audits,” the team can alleviate them with a custom combination of remedies such as caulk, foam, and sealant. The resulting snugger environment requires less energy to heat, rendering obsolete band-aid solutions such as overheating to counteract drafts. An energy consultant visits the home for 2-3 hours, using thermal imaging to detect cold spots, along with a blower door test —which changes the home’s interior air pressure, pulling air in through leaky spots and making them easier to detect. Each session ends with consultants drawing up a plan for home modifications that will reduce energy bills and unwanted drafts.
Go Green is currently running a deal for you Michigan Moms! Just mention this blog and you will receive a 74% discount on your home performance evaluation.
For $79 (a $300 value), enjoy a full home performance evaluation. Contact Adam or Jacob at (248) 233-7933 or visit www.gogreenec.com  today to schedule your appointment. Keep your kids healthy and comfortable while saving money on energy bills.
*Michigan Home Mommy Works is not affiliated with Go Green Energy Consulting.  All information was supplied by www.gogreenec.com.  If you have any questions regarding this service, please feel free to contact with the info provided above.
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