Starting your Michigan Home-Based Business

Good afternoon amazing Michigan mommies!  It is such a beautiful day isn’t it?  I couldn’t resist taking my girls to the park this morning with some friends.  We also added a picnic into the mix.  So nice.
I would quickly like to address home-based business information for those looking to start a business in Michigan.  There are always questions and concerns that go with it, especially when it comes to the state.  If you already have a business, you most likely have these details taken care of, or at least you should.  If you are about to launch your very own home-based business, here are some important details you most definitely do not want to neglect.  This information is as seen on!
Here are some questions that the state of Michigan wants you to ask yourself before moving forward:
  • Do you have space for your home-based business?
  • Can you explain in detail the type of business you will be running?
  • Can you explain your product or service?
  • Is there currently a demand for your product or your service?
  • Do you have advantages over your competitors?
  • Are you skilled and qualified to compete with similar businesses out there?
  • Are you able to completely run the business from your home?
Now that you answered these important questions regarding running a home-based business in Michigan, here are legal requirements you need to consider:
Legal Requirements
  • Comply with local zoning regulations
  • Communicate with your city regarding permits, etc. that may be required before launching your business.
  • If a license is required, be sure to contact the appropriate agency for becoming licensed.
  • Register for business taxes. (Department of Treasury(517) 636-4660)
  • Obtain a separate bank account and phone number for your Michigan home-based business.
  • Be sure to withhold income and social security taxes and comply with minimum wage and health and safety laws if you will be hiring employees.
I am currently looking for more Michigan moms wanting to have their business featured here on Michigan Home Mommy Works. If this is you, please contact me at   I look forward to hearing from you!
Many blessings!

    Lindsey Jenn

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