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Good morning Michigan moms.  I would like to introduce to you another amazing woman who happens to be a national speaker for marriage and relationships.  Also, get out a pen and paper for some stellar tips on how to train your child to be a world changer.  (I’ve included my Christian perspective at the end of this post.)

Christy Little Jones

Christy is a highly sought after national speaker that passionately expresses her love, joy and experience as a single woman, wife, and mom in a very real and engaging way.

With a successful father hailed the NFL Football Hall of Famer, Class 2010 (Floyd Little: Denver Broncos) and a mother graced as one of the first black models in Seventeen and Mademoiselle Magazines in the early 1960’s, Christy has maintained that invigorating entrepreneurial spirit and ventured into the world of marriage and relationship coaching.

Raising a world changer is no easy task. Parenting is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding positions there is! While raising a child with strong, healthy values, it’s important to keep in mind that being an intentional parent produces a great outcome. The same principles apply to child rearing.

 What is put into raising, imparting and guiding a child in the present, will harvest a strong, forward-thinking world changer later. Apply these FIVE factors from Christy Little Jones as keys to raising your child to change the world he lives in…and watch him grow.

1.STUDY YOUR CHILD –As the parent of a world-changer child, you must start with a vision. What are your child’s natural gifts? What are their interests? Sit down with each child in your household and ask them what they believe their gifts are and how do they want to use them to bring change into the world? Incorporate their answers with who you know them to be.

2. HAVE A STRATEGIC PLAN. Now that you have identified a few of your child’s gifts, talents and interests, now is the time to start taking action and putting those gifts into practice. Begin to set goals and a purpose with a desired outcome to keep you on track. Depending on the interest and/or gift, ask your child what he would like to do to bring about change in the world using his/her gifts. For example: if your son or daughter loves animals, together, come up with ways that his/her love for animals can change the world. Depending on the age of your child, volunteer at an animal shelter or dog sit for a friend. If reading is your child’s interest, bring her to read to seniors at a retirement community. It’s a great way to serve happiness and impact someone’s life for the better.

3. BE CONSISTENT – Consistency requires commitment and discipline. Consistency is going to be the glue that holds your child’s strategic plan together. If you are wishy-washy or don’t follow through, you can’t expect to gain the same results. Be intentional and have integrity with what you set out to do, so that you can be sure to keep your commitment.

4. ALLOW ROOM FOR EXPLORING – Experience is the best teacher!  When we create the space for our child/ren to explore, learning and development takes place at any age. A child who explores their ideas, thoughts and beliefs through action gains the freedom to engage with others on a deeper level. Exploring helps us to discover who we are, what we like and what we don’t.  Can you imagine creating an environment for your child/ren where “failure” is embraced? What a wonderful gift to give your child.

5. BE YOUR CHILD’S CHEERLEADER! Your words hold power and your position has long-lasting influence. Make the decision to support and encourage your child throughout the trials and tribulations of parenthood.  Be careful with your words; choose them wisely. Be a parent that your son or daughter can trust with their innermost secrets and fears. If your child trusts you, he or she will give you their heart and you will gain access to walking with them along their journey to changing the world!

These tips are excellent for all parents. As a Christian parent, I believe that prayer and reading of the Word goes along way and will help enhance these tips for raising our children into becoming God fearing adults.  Isn’t it amazing?  God is good.

Thank you Christy for sharing your bio and tips with us.  It was a joy sharing this information with our readers.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone! Stay tuned for Coupon Friday which will now be strictly on our “Deals for Moms” page!

Many Blessings!

Image and Sources Courtesy of Blink PR

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