Sad Santa Childrens Book Review

Giveaway now closed! Congrats to Erica Willard who will be receiving a free copy of Sad Santa by Tad Carpenter!

Good afternoon Michigan moms and visitors. Happy Monday! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend.

With Christmas approaching, I will be having some fun reviews and giveaways for everyone to take advantage of. Remember the sweet books to review post from last week? Today, I will be reviewing the first book. Sad Santa, by Tad Carpenter.

At first the title alone kind of threw me as it didn’t sound like a very cheery or welcoming children’s book, but after reading it, I can honestly say it is very cute and teaches a little lesson on happiness.

Here is the book in a nutshell:

On December 26th, after all the presents have been delivered to all the children, Santa becomes sad because his job his finished for the year. He finds happiness in bringing joy to children all over the world. A vacation to the beach couldn’t even cheer Santa up. All he could think about was his workshop and Mrs. Claus’s cookies. Santa just doesn’t feel needed anymore until he receives a letter from a little boy with gift requests for his family. Santa gets a spring back into his step and his joy returns in knowing that he is needed all over the world whether it is Christmas time or not.

The illustrations are colorful and inviting for a child of any age. Whether you teach your children that Santa really comes to your home or not, it’s still a fun little Christmas book that I think families can enjoy. My family just pretends that Santa, his reindeer, and sleigh arrives to our house at Christmas. We don’t teach our children that this is real, it’s just something we strongly believe, but we still have fun with it.

I am doing a private giveaway with this one. It’s fairly simple:

The first person that emails me with their mailing info to, will receive this book for their family. Enjoy! ~Now Closed!

Michigan Home Mommy Works received a copy of Sad Santa for review in exchange for this post, however; all opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Image courtesy of author Tad Carpenter

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