Remembering the Precious Children and Adults in Newport, Connecticut

Today, my heart is saddened.  As you know, families and friends in Newport, Connecticut lost precious loved ones this past Friday, December 14, 2012.  I cannot image the complete horror and devastation these parents faced when they found out their precious babies lives were taken from them.

As I see pictures of these sweet faces slowly unfold, my heart aches with tears streaming down my face.  Mommies and daddies no longer wake up with the smiles, joy, and wonder of their precious child.  Wishing it is a nightmare, reality sets in for these families.  Christmas will be dark and grief and sorrow will consume these families in the days ahead. 

Here is my prayer, feel free to pray it with me.  My heart’s desire that many turn to Jesus in the days ahead.  I understand this is not popular, but I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.  Having been through a different type of tragedy of losing a child (baby), my faith and hope could only grow stronger.  I just can’t imagine this type of loss, ugh my heart beats harder at the thought.

My prayer…

“Lord, be with these families this day.  I know comfort and peace seems so far fetched right now.  These families will feel like they can’t go on without them.  It’s time to turn to you, Jesus. It’s time to realize we need you back in the schools. Our future is so uncertain, but through Christ, we have eternal hope.”

A fellow blogger is posted on “26 Acts of Kindness” to remember all the lives lost.  Feel free to participate in this as a beautiful tribute to all of these children and adults.

Many blessings to you all.  Hold your families today

Lindsey Jenn

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  1. Gorgeous, Lindsey. It's so sad that every mama's worst nightmare has come true for so many families. I pray they gain their strength to move forward over time and God heals their hearts and blesses them in the future. I wish I could just hug every single one of those parents.

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