Kidecals: Durable Waterproof Labels


Disclaimer: I received a package of Kidecals in exchange for this post here on Michigan Home Mommy Works.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

As a mom, do you find yourself labeling everything under the sun?  Haha, you know what I mean.  Children’s clothes, backpacks, etc.  Realistically, it may be required at your child’s school, etc., but it’s also nice too so that there aren’t any mix ups.

I was just recently introduced to an amazing product that I thought I would share with all of you fellow moms out there.  Have you ever heard of Kidecals?

Kidecals are the “most durable waterproof labels on the market.”  Anything that is waterproof and has to deal with kids has to be great…..

Personalized Kids Name Labels are perfect as we all hate losing their belongings, right?  It can become a headache.  You can label anything from water bottles to books with these labels.  They offer fun yet trendy designs that you can choose from.  Again, they are durable.  Guess what?  They are also dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe and won’t damage the surfaces.  How great is that?

Are you looking for something that is waterproof?  Thankfully, Kidecals labels are just that.  How many times have you labeled with a sharpie, yet it still fades or washes away?  These eliminate the problem and pretty much stick to anything ranging from clothes to water bottles.  Kidecals also works on pool toys!  That right there should be proof that these labels are truly “waterproof.”

Kidecals labels come in fun Partystache stickers to use as drink markers.  They also have Mustache Chalkboard Stickers perfect for labeling and organizing items in a pantry or craft room.  I can imagine these fun mustache stickers at any potluck or party. 

Chalkboard labels can be written on.  It’s an easy way to get organized without creating new labels.  Kidecals makes pretty designs and their chalkboard labels are actually very durable.  They are also dishwasher safe.  Nice!

Do you take your child to daycare?  This is the best place to use these labels.  Not only are they cute, they are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe.  They stay put on anything from clothing to sippy and snack cups.

Kidecals is a fun site for these personalized clothing labels.  Are you sending your kids off to camp this summer?  These are the perfect solution for all of your labeling needs.  The fact that they are waterproof and washing machine safe is a definite plus.  With these you don’t have to worry about using Sharpies anymore.  Kidecals was recently featured on the Today Show! Good stuff.

It’s definitely not hard to believe that Kidecals was founded by a mother of two boys.  Not only are Kidecals super cute or “cool” for boys, they are again super durable for all of the stuff you could possibly need to label for camp.  Are you on board?

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Check out a video of these labels here.

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