Staying Organized and Going Paperless with Evernote

Is your home free from paper clutter?  I can hear the snickers and laughs even now.  Paper clutter has been an issue in my home for quite some time and I have been searching high and low on how to minimize this problem or going paperless altogether.  Is paperless possible?  Yes it is! As long as you are committed and dedicated to keeping it this way.

I was recently introduce to Evernote.  I think I may have heard it in passing, but didn’t give it much thought.  What is Evernote?

Basically, it’s an online system that helps you organize everything into one place such as:

  • Notes
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Web Clips
  • Audio Notes

and more.  It’s pretty simple to get started.  Sign-up is free and you can decide if you would like to upgrade to premium to utilize it on a deeper level.

After signing up for an account on Evernote, you will be taken to your own dashboard where you can create notes.  You will be able to “save your ideas, to do lists, research ideas, meeting notes, and more!  You can even capture images that you would like to remember. (i.e. business cards, etc.)”

You also get to sync your notes and find them anywhere.  Nice, right? You can search text within images, on any computer, phone or tablet that you use.  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Evernote is also great for bloggers too.  It’s great for drafting posts and brainstorming ideas.  It also is helpful for the administrative side of things.  Do you homeschool?  Again, a great tool to keep everything organized.

A busy moms, it’s always nice to find new tools that could potentially help us out in the long run. I personally look forward to utilizing Evernote as much as I can to keep things organized.  My goal is to be paperless.  How about you?

Lindsey Jenn

One thought on “Staying Organized and Going Paperless with Evernote

  1. I love to organize and can't stand to have paper around. A couple of tips that I have: 1: Go thru all of your mail as soon as you get it and pitch the junk mail 2) Instead of having a file drawer overstuffed go thru it and downsize, we did this before we moved and put important papers in binders, it is now more manageable!

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