Learning with Ubooly: iPhone App and Website Review

I was just recently given the fun opportunity of reviewing a brand new app and toy for children.  I would like to introduce to you; Ubooly!

Ubooly is a cute and cuddly educational toy that talks and listens to your child. Through this iPhone/iPad app and website, you can customize Ubooly to know your child’s name, teach lessons, and much more!  Sounds fun and exciting right?  Guess what? It is.  My girls absolutely adore Ubooly.

iPhone/iPad App

It is free to install Ubooly app on any iPhone and iPad.  Ubooly will be coming to Android very soon. After it is installed you can then begin adding your child to the app along with their birthday and gender.  Your child can play with the app alone or you can also purchase Ubooly the stuffed animal to make the Ubooly experience even more fun and exciting and yes, educational!  Just playing the app alone children can earn coins to customize Ubooly’s appearance, etc.

Ubooly Stuffed Animal

How much does the Ubooly the stuffed animal cost?  It is currently $29.95 and can be purchased at Toys R Us!  Ubooly is currently sold in orange.  Pink and green coming soon!  How do you use the iPhone app with the Ubooly stuffed animal?  In the app there is a setting where you can click if you have the toy.  You basically slip your iPhone into the top of Ubooly’s head, zip tight, and there you have Ubooly’s interactive face.  It’s so fun and definitely worth faces of excitement!

Ubooly Lab

To manage settings and customizations of the app, just go to http://www.ubooly.com.  In there you will have your own Ubooly lab where you can purchase lessons, etc.  Lessons, activities, can be purchased by buying credits.  Here are some of the lessons that you can activate after purchasing credits in the lab:

  • Space
  • Spanish
  • Oceans
  • Seasons
  • Grammar
  • Division
  • Alphabet
  • Addition
  • Human Body
  • Vocab 3-5
  • Spelling 3-5
  • Spelling 6-9

Wake Ubooly up by Holding and Tapping face!

    There is also a really cute teeth brushing helper activity in the “Helpers” section of your Ubooly Lab.  You can also edit your child’s likes inside the lab for the best Ubooly experience.

    I love how Ubooly causes children to participate, think, and interact!  It’s a brilliant invention and definitely on board modern technology.

    Ubooly Lab Screenshot

    Another fun thing about Ubooly is if you have two of them, they actually communicate with each other.  There was a glitch in my phone, after it is resolved we will be making two Ubooly pals communicate with each other, can’t wait!

    Ubooly app and toy is perfect for the busy mom because if you find yourself stuck at the bank or in the car, etc., Ubooly will not only entertain your child, but educate them as well.  Definite plus! Ubooly is for children ages 3-9.

    What do you think?  It really is an awesome app and learning toy.  If you are ready to introduce your child to Ubooly, go ahead and click here to install the app to your iPhone or iPad.  Have fun!

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    Lindsey Jenn

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