Interview with Martha McCully: How to Reinvent your Lunch

This past week, I had the awesome opportunity of interviewing former InStyle Magazine Editor and Lifestyle Expert; Martha McCully.  Martha knows what it’s like to have a hectic schedule.  She believes finding a balance has a large impact on how people feel and has created some tips to help Americans recognize the importance of taking time to savor the flavors of life.  Martha has found that smaller commitments,like dedicating time for a lunch, is a great first step.
These are the questions that were asked during my phone interview with Martha McCully: 
  • How do we keep lunch from getting boring?
  • What are some options that go beyond soup or a microwave meal?
  • What is your go-to lunch option?
  • Why is taking a real lunch break so important?
  • What tips do you have so that we can take a real lunch break to savor the flavors of life?

Feel free to watch and listen to our interview below with the answers to the above questions!  It was a pleasure doing the interview and learning fun and healthy food options for my family.  I hope Martha’s tips benefit you as a busy mom as well.

Martha McCully is a consultant, writer, on-air personality and lifestyle expert focused on helping others achieve a more balanced and happy lifestyle through little improvements throughout the day. Her passion for health and nutrition guides her to educate consumers on how to create a fulfilled and optimal lifestyle. She has been featured in Allure, InStyle and NBC New York and is a regular healthy lifestyle contributor for The Huffington Post.
This interview segment is courtesy of Sargento.

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