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This week’s biz feature is for one of our mom sponsors for the online magazine; Apriori Beauty.  If you missed last week’s biz feature on Novi health and fitness center; One Training, click here.

Apriori Beauty offers a systemic approach to beauty with products targeting internal + external anti-aging at the cellular level. Two product lines, Lifeoxylin® and Celloxylin® work together to create and sustain a NutrientReservoir™ to prolong cell life and defy aging. Lifeoxylin® is the life-oxygen link for protection and prevention on an internal cellular level via the Cellular Defense Elixir. Celloxylin® is the cell-oxygen link for protection and prevention on an external skin surface level via a comprehensive line of skin, treatment and body products. The production of oxidants, together with the ability of cells to respond to oxidative stress is intricately connected to aging and lifespan and is a focus of the Cellular Age Advantage™ system of products.” !Apriori Beauty Website

Apriori Beauty is your in-home skin treatment.  To learn more about this growing company and the benefits of the product visit the Apriori Beauty website.

Interested in a business opportunity with Apriori Beauty?  Contact Independent Consultant; Tracie Schroeder.

If you would like for your business to be featured here on Michigan Home Mommy Works, contact Lindsey@michiganhomemommyworks.com for more details.  I look forward to working with you!

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