BOOK REVIEW: Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers


 I received a copy of this book for review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Just recently, I received a cute children’s book to review called Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers by Marilynn Halas.

First off, what are Fuzzwippers?  “They are friendly creatures that reach out to anyone who needs to be assured that they are wanted and needed.”

This book is a great way to teach great traveler tips for your kids.  For example:

  • Being a great traveler means being a good listener and a good helper too.  Listen to your friends and family so you will learn all about the new place you are visiting and remember that when we all help each other, any trip is easier and more fun.”
  • “Different places many have different food, games, and sights to see, so take your time and discover each new place and make new friends.  Remember that every place has something special to share with you, if you are willing to smile, try, and trust.”

These tips can be found at the back of the book with other great tips for your kids.  There is also a great parents’ pointer in there as well that parents can utilize before traveling.

The adventures in this particular book takes children and the fuzzwippers on a trip to Hawaii where they learn the importance of perseverance.  A little girl  named Alexandra wanted to try surfing on her trip and realizes it is harder than she thought.  Her pal fuzzwipper was right there to encourage her to keep trying and never give up.  Her new friends and fuzzwipper friends were right there to cheer them on.  Alexandra was successful and was able to ride the waves all the way to the shore with her fuzzwipper by her side.

It’s a cute lesson that I think you and your children will enjoy with make believe furry pals.

Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers can be purchased on for $4.99.

Lindsey Jenn

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