Mom Biz Series: Social Media Management

As many of you know, I am starting a blog series titled: Persistence and Dedication with:

  • Social Media Management
  • Gaining Followers, Customers, Clients, etc.
  • Marketing Methods
  • Financial Investments
  • Time Management

Now keep in mind, I am no expert when it comes to all of the above, but I have received some training in these areas and would like to share them with you.  I also created this mom biz series in hopes to connect with those of you who have strengths in these areas. 

This week I would like to cover having persistence and dedication with Social Media Management.  What exactly is Social Media Management? 

Whether you hire someone to do this for your business or you do this yourself, Social Media Management is (What It says it best) “Monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring, and guiding the social media presence of your brand, product, individual, or corporation.”

What is the Social Media?  It is the exchanging of information through virtual communities such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

and much more.  I listed a few of the most popular to date.  Does your business currently utilize any of the social media networks above?

Pretty much every online business is utilizing the social media.  Let’s do a few examples:

If you go to, you will notice right away that on the top right corner of the website, they make their social presence known with a Facebook and YouTube button.

Go to and scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage and you will see what social networks they utilize to spread the word about their business.

As you can see, whether you share your social networks at the top or the bottom of your business page, it should be in a way a potential customer, client, etc. can easily find it.  If you find that you are searching too hard to find any business’s social networks, then they are not properly placed.

Do you feel that managing your social networks is a tedious and time consuming task?  I am delighted to introduce you to HootSuite – Social Media Management!  I was introduced to this a couple months ago and it has made life so much easier as far as social media management goes.  HootSuite is a definite time saver which I will discuss more in the “Time Management” section of the series.

HootSuite University - Become a HootSuite Certified Professional

Before utilizing HootSuite, I began to feel overwhelmed like I couldn’t keep up with updating my social networks all the time.  It was very frustrating.  I can’t afford to hire a Social Media Manager so this was the way to go.  It helps you keep all of your social networks in one place and scheduling them in advance.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  Since using this tool, I have gained more followers, etc. and couldn’t be happier.

When it comes to Social Media Management, there is a science to it so to speak.  For example:

  • Schedule posts morning, afternoon, and evening.  Highest traffic during the days are between 7-9 am, 1-2 pm, and 3-4 pm.
  • Don’t always post or share things that pertain only to your business.  You want to build a relationship, not turn off customers and clients with self-promotion.  Share funny stories, pictures, etc.
  • Always pay attribution to re-posts as to gain recognition, etc.  I have done this and it works out quite well.

Is your strength Social Media Management?  Please share with us any tips that will help us grow our businesses.  Stay tuned next week when I cover: Gaining followers, customers, etc.


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