Shopping Cart Safety

Shopping Cart Safety

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Are you shopping cart smart?  With little ones, this is very important, especially when it comes to their safety.

“New research highlights an often overlooked safety hazard – the shopping cart.”

In fact, 66 kids are hurt each day – that’s more than 20,000 ER visits a year.  A recent video of a Home Depot employee saving an infant as it fell out of a cart caught the nation’s attention (video & story).

Now, some Detroit area stores such as Hollywood Markets, Kroger & Walmart are joining a new campaign to provide a safer way to shop.  They have partnered with Safe-Strap (creators of the first safety belt for shopping carts), to outfit shopping carts with the Safe-Dock system for infants.  The specially-designed carts will hold any brand of infant car carrier securely in place.  This directly addresses a dangerous trend of parents balancing infant carriers and car seats on top of shopping carts – which too often, tip-over.


Why Use Specially-Designed Carts?

  • Each cart with Safe-Dock goes through rigorous safety testing
  • It’s easy to transfer baby carriers from the car to the cart – it locks into place
  • No shopping cart germs – the baby stays in your personal carrier

Parents can now go to to search for local stores offering these special carts.  It’s a simple step to prevent serious injuries.

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