Well, Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You!

Well, Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You!


Well, hello, all you foster and adoptive parents and everyone else looking on with curiosity, interest, or experience! Allow me to introduce myself so that you know who’s on the other side of the screen. I’m Stephanie. I also seem to regularly go by Steph, mom, mommy, Dr. Grant, Prof Grant, Miss Stephanie, meanie, and rarely, Mrs. Grant. You can take your pick.

Another foster/adopt mom suggested I write for this blog and Lindsey was gracious enough to let me try!

Personally, I’m a married for over 10 years mother of three kiddos that are ours forever. My oldest, EN, is 6. Next is JJ, who’s 4. Then NL, who’s only 7 months. Because it’s relevant here, in order, they go bio, adopted, bio. We also foster, but due to confidentiality issues, won’t post specifics of those kids here. I enjoy Dr. Pepper and time alone. Because I rarely get the latter, I drink too much of the first. It’s an issue.

Professionally, I have masters degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Psychology and a PhD in Lifespan Developmental Psychology.  I’m licensed as a Professional Counselor in Oklahoma and due to a somewhat recent move, am now working on transferring that license to Michigan. Clinically I tend to work with kids, specifically those with trauma histories or attachment concerns. My research looks at infant developments, like empathy, stress, and mother-infant interactions.  I also teach part time at colleges and universities in the area.

Always let me know what things you’d like to see posts on and know that I love online interaction on things like this! It’s so much more interesting.

So nice to meet you and I look forward to writing more later!

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