Keep Allergy Season at Bay with Boogie Wipes {Mommy Review}

Mommy reviewer Elizabeth, received samples of Boogie Wipes ($1.49 value) in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.

Boogie Wipes

With cold and flu season wrapping up and allergy season just around the corner it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of kids’ sickness. Stuffy noses in particular are a common occurrence around this time of year especially when kids are around something they’re allergic to like pet dander or fancy flowers.

Boogie Wipes are a soothing alternative to dry tissues and are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies caused by the common cold or allergies. No more red and itchy noses!

Boogie Wipes come in three scents: Great Grape, Fresh Scent and Simply Unscented for extra-sensitive noses. Recommended by parents and pediatricians, Boogie Wipes moisturize with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E and are gentle on kids’ sensitive noses.

Now on to our mommy review:

Mommy Review by-Elizabeth

The product I reviewed was Boogie Wipes.  I received 3 scents: “grape”, “fresh”, & “unscented”.
The feel of the wipes are very soft, the scent is light, the packaging is convenient, and they dispense easily.
PicMonkey Collage
As for the price of the product, I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to buy them each time I run out of them.  It’s easier at this time for me to purchase unscented wipes.  Perhaps if I didn’t have a child in diapers and didn’t have an ample supply of baby wipes handy I may buy them more often.  With that said, my personal favorite (and the kids’ favorite) Boogie Wipes scent was the grape!
Michigan Mom Living would like to thank the folks over at Boogie Wipes for allowing our mommy reviewer “Elizabeth” to try out your product.
*High Res Boogie Wipes Image Courtesy of Boogie Wipes
*Review Photos taken by Elizabeth Babich 

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