Mystery Shoppers Needed in Michigan

Mystery Shoppers Needed in Michigan

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Professional mystery shopping is a great way to supplement one’s income, make some extra cash for vacations, holidays, etc., and to share in the world-wide community of customer service.  Shoppers go into any business and pose as a typical customer while evaluating the service received based on requirements set by the client.  While the business could be retail stores, it could also be banks, child care centers, senior living communities, apartment properties, parking facilities, restaurants (both casual and upscale), grocery stores, etc.  Basically any business can use mystery shopping as a tool to improve customer service, reward employees for excellent service, or a combination of the two.  Once shoppers have completed their discreet observations, they would enter the information online and submit the report to the mystery shopping company that hired them.  Once the reports have gone through their editing and proofreading process and are accepted by the client, the shopper is paid according to the schedule set by the mystery shopping company.


Market Viewpoint was established in 1996 and is based in Glenmoore, PA, in the Philadelphia suburbs. They perform mystery shops nationwide and internationally. In addition to mystery shops they conduct market research studies, employee and client surveys, competitor studies, and audits. Market Viewpoint also has a coaching and training division.

This past week I had the great pleasure of talking to Angela V. Megasko, who is the president and CEO of Market Viewpoint.  Angela shared the “HUGE” industry of professional mystery shopping and that it has actually been around since the 1940’s when it was called “integrity shopping” when retailers were concerned about loss of revenue.  Today, the business aspect has changed to businesses wanting customer retention, they want to know how their customers are being treated and in general want to be a better company.  Another whole side of this business is that competitors also pay to see how their competition is doing.  The companies that get in on this “HUGE” industry are the best of the best companies and want to continue to be on top.

Some mystery shoppers work part-time.  Others make a home-based business out of it and work full-time and for several different companies.  Stay at home moms and dads are perfect for this profession as the kids can go to work with you.  Market Viewpoint currently has ongoing need for female shoppers in Michigan to pose as mothers looking to enroll a young child in a child care center.  Shoppers can only do a location once, so there is an ongoing need for new shoppers monthly.

You’re probably wondering…Is professional mystery shopping for you?  Check out Angela’s hit list of what makes a good mystery shopper:

*Good sense of observation – all senses are heightened and on alert

*Detailed oriented – don’t miss a thing!

*Good communication skills – written and verbal

*Enthusiasm for businesses to do well

Just remember, Market Viewpoint is just one little caveat of opportunity that is out there of joining in on professional mystery shopping.  There are so many more companies to explore!

If you or someone you know is interested in professional mystery shopping, check out Market Viewpoint and other companies on the MSPA-NA (Mystery Shopping Providers Assn.- North America) trade association which has credible and legit companies. It is a great place to go to get info on legitimate mystery shopping companies to sign on with for work. Go to

Many thanks to Angela for taking time to share her story and introduce her company and also the highway to “professional mystery shopping”.

More About Angela Megasko

Angela is the Pennsylvania-based business owner, consultant, entrepreneur, author, business performance coach and professional speaker with over 30 years of experience in the business world.  As a speaker, trainer and coach, Angela has had international experience delivering workshops, classes, seminars and webinars on a variety of business subjects. She is currently involved in designing and producing educational products and services for her database of thousands of mystery shoppers. She is also in the process of creating products that are aimed at helping mid-level managers and supervisors attain peak performance.  For more resources and information on Angela, her blog and her company, or

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