#Thrive Sugar Free Lollipops by Dr. John’s {Product Review} Based in Grand Rapids!

I received samples of Thrive sugar free lollipops ($12.99 value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

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Did you know that you can eat “sweets with a purpose?” That’s right, Dr. John’s is devoted to making sugar-free candy, but does it taste great? Before I answer, here’s a little bit about this amazing Michigan-based company.

Famous for revolutionizing the candy industry with sugar-free treats which fights tooth decay, Dr. John’s Candies® announces the March 20th launch of THRIVE™, their new line of all natural, high fiber, sugar-free goodies. The latest innovation by dynamic dental duo Dr. John Bruinsma and his dental hygienist wife, Debra Bruinsma, their THRIVE™ collection will debut with lollipops that are all natural, contain no sugar and are packed with five grams of fiber.

THRIVE™ treats are not only delicious but they also fight cavities with a combination of xylitol and erythritol, both natural sweeteners that promote oral health. The robust fruit flavors – strawberry, blackberry, orange – and a rich chocolate pop as well, satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth – without sugar as the “sweet”.

THRIVE™ lollipops also hit a big lick toward the World Health Organization’s recommended daily fiber consumption of 25 to 30 grams per person. The average American diet includes 5-14 grams of fiber daily. At five grams of fiber per lollipop, the gluten-free treat offers a natural boost to weight management because the fiber makes tummies feel full longer at only 14 calories a piece. THRIVE™ lollipops are the only lollipops on the market today with five grams of fiber per candy and allows consumers to increase their fiber intake in a most delicious and low-calorie way.

“We provide the fun of candy without the guilt. Whether you’re on a low-carb diet, have diabetes, or simply avoiding sugar or gluten, you can still enjoy high-quality sweets,” says CEO, Dr. John Bruinsma.

Unique in their category because THRIVE™ contains no artificial ingredients and have no chemical aftertaste, using erythritol along with xylitol, gives the treats more of a cavity fighting boost. A great sweet treat for children and people with diabetes, the guilt-free candies retail for $8.99 for an 8-ounce package and $16.99 for one-pound packages.

A second product, THRIVE+™ will be introduced to the market in April but can be pre-ordered this month. THRIVE+™ will have all the same delicious benefits as THRIVE™ but will also have Probiotics.

To sweeten the deal, Dr. John’s Candies® has pledged a portion of their THRIVE™ sales to the MaxLove Project, a nonprofit organization that advocates for improved quality of life and lower health risks for childhood cancer patients and survivors.
“We were inspired to create a healthy sugar-free treat in an effort to bring joy and smiles to the MaxLove SuperKids,” says co-founder Debra Bruinsma. “Our goal is to make smiles brighter and life a little sweeter for everyone…naturally!”

My Review/Thoughts

The lollipops are invidually wrapped for freshness. I love that the THRIVE lollipops are naturally sugar free, contain no artificial ingredients, and contain a high source of fiber. Yes, fiber! To answer my first question in the beginning of the post. Yes, they actually taste great. My favorites are strawberry and blackberry. I’ve pretty much tore through my bag of 50 suckers fairly quickly. My kids seem to like them too, but mommy might just love them a little more. 😉 I am not a big fan of orange flavor so you can guess the flavor remaining in the bag is that, but if I get a craving for a sugary sweet in the week, I will most likely enjoy those as well. My tastes are bound to change.

I would like to thank the folks over at Dr. John’s for allowing me to try out their products. I absolutely love the suckers and look forward to trying out other amazing treats that they have to offer.

To learn more and stay-up-to-date, check them out on Facebook! Tell them Michigan Mom Living sent ya! 😉 I absolutely love supporting Michigan based companies. Did I mention they are based in Grand Rapids? Gotta love that.

Founded in 1995, Dr. John’s Candies® also has a gourmet line of candies that are gluten-free and includes xylitol. Dr. John is an award-winning dentist practicing for 30 years, who along with his dental hygienist wife, Debra, are passionate about pioneering innovative sugar-free candies with natural ingredients that are good for consumers.

About Dr. John’s Candies®
Dr. John’s Candies® is a great-tasting, health-based, sugar-free product that delivers valuable preventative health benefits for all people. For information, please visit https://www.drjohns.com.



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