Twin Pregnancy – Week By Week Guide {Infographic}

Twin Pregnancy – Week By Week Guide {Infographic}

baby-507335_1280.jpgGetting pregnant with twins is still occurring on a daily basis. It is only natural then to have an easier access to knowledge about twin pregnancies. This is because expecting twins is different from a singleton pregnancy in many ways. For those who have given birth to a singleton child or singleton children before, brace yourself for what you’re about to read as it might change everything you know about twin pregnancy.

First of all, expecting twins is a wonderful blessing. Some couples even go through medical assistance to ensure multiple births. But, a twin pregnancy does not come without issues. In fact, it heightens almost everything you go through in a singleton pregnancy. That means getting bigger and heavier, experiencing more stress, more frequent scheduled scans, and whatnot. That said, when you’re expecting twins, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of physical, emotional, and financial challenges.

This week-by-week infographic for a twin pregnancy can do a lot of wonders, especially for first-time expectant moms of twins. It teaches you a lot of things; from physical changes such as your babies’ size and your bump’s to possible effects of these changes. It will also tell you when you may feel butterflies in your stomach or contractions.

Equally important is how this infographic provides you tips and reminders on how you can better take care of your babies and yourself. It prompts you to get more quality protein, calcium, and fiber in the eighth month as well as to take ample rest. Ensure a safe twin pregnancy by reading on to know more about it.


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