Top 5 Car Apps

Top 5 Car Apps

Even if you are not truly technology-driven, you probably still download apps from time to time on your phone. The truth is, apps do make things easier. Technology is a giant! With that said, have you ever considered car apps to download? Here are my top 5 choices for car apps that you will definitely want to download today!

  1. Find My Car

Have you ever parked in a busy parking lot or parking structure and when it was time to return to your vehicle you can’t seem to remember where you parked? It happens to the best of us. Download the “Find My Car” app as it will help you locate your car in a flash! This day and age, it’s important for safety purposes. This free app uses Google Maps navigation by taking a photo of your parking spot. It’s brilliant and a must-have! No more forgetting where you parked! Definite life and time-saver.

  1. ChargePoint

If you have an electric vehicle you will definitely want to download this app. It allows you to see over 50,000 car charging stations for your convenience. You can save your favorite charging stations as well as read reviews from other users.

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