Brand New Baby App Gets Infants’ Gears Turning

Brand New Baby App Gets Infants’ Gears Turning

by Infantio

infantio Offers Engaging, Age-Appropriate Animations – for Infants!

Based on the latest infant cognitive development research, infantio, an iOS app & online streaming service designed to stimulate infants’ minds from the get-go, releases today in the App Store and at

Recent studies indicate that babies are born with an innate expectation of how the physical world behaves, as well as the capacity to keep track of quantities and perform basic arithmetic. infantio, which is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and online streaming, offers a series of engaging, high-contrast animations that illustrate key, age-appropriate concepts based in physics, math, and more. Simple puzzles, patterns, counting exercises, and mechanics demonstrations are designed to stimulate the tiniest thinkers – without overstimulating them. Age-appropriate animation categories include:


The infantio app relies on a realistic physics engine that simulates the behavior of objects so that what infants see in each animation corresponds to what they can expect to observe in the real world.


Infants demonstrate an inborn capacity to track quantities and even perform basic counting. infantio’s math animations feature discrete items moving one by one behind an obstruction, enabling infants to track them – and then revealing them for verification.


Repeating patterns followed by brief pauses enable little learners to anticipate what comes next. When the patterns resume, results are confirmed.


infantio’s puzzle animations demonstrate universal principles and concepts to occupy infants in quiet concentration.

The infantio app offers two modes – stimulate and soothe – and an included session timer to help parents track and manage screen time. Soothe mode pairs the animations with calming, classical music to help babies – and parents! – wind down and relax.

infantio is compatible with iPhones and iPads and is available now for free download in the App Store. The animations are also streaming on


About infantio:

New dad Andrey Grigoryev was committed to engaging his infant daughter Iona’s mind, but couldn’t find any development-driven content that was appropriate for his daughter’s young age. Seeking to get his daughter’s gears spinning – without risk of overstimulation, confusion, or screen addiction down the road, Andrey studied the latest infant cognitive development research and created infantio – an iPhone app and web streaming service featuring a constantly expanding series of animations designed specifically for infants. infantio’s minimalist, high-contrast, engaging animations illustrate key principles and concepts in an effective and age-appropriate way. For more information about infantio, visit or download the app from the App Store.

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