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Children’s Theatre Princess Tales {Product Review}

What better way to encourage creativity than through theater and play? Read & Play Puppet Theater invites you to read and play along with your favorite fairy tales. The illustrated box doubles as a theater stage and travel case for puppets, backdrops, and a book of three fairy tales – Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach {Book Review}

What would it look like if punishment could be eliminated from parenting? For some, this is a crazy thought as they can only imagine how uncontrollable their child would be. In her new book, “Principle-Centered Parenting,” author Phyllis Williams guides parents on teaching healthy, spiritually based thinking to their kids in order to change behavior from the inside out.

Our VIP Treatment at ivivva {Athletic Wear}-Twelve Oaks, Novi

ivivva is designed with active girls in mind, to help them perform their best in all their activities (at the studio, gym, or outdoors), as well as transition them through their day (at school or just hanging out). ivivva is co-created with girls; their designers are always listening to girls’ feedback and ideas and designing what girls need, even beyond what they can imagine.

Keep Allergy Season at Bay with Boogie Wipes {Mommy Review}

With cold and flu season wrapping up and allergy season just around the corner it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of kids’ sickness. Stuffy noses in particular are a common occurrence around this time of year especially when kids are around something they’re allergic to like pet dander or fancy flowers.