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Michigan business moms, I would like to introduce to you an amazing yet unique Michigan mom business:

Copyright: Love’s Creation/Nataki Tompkins
Founder, Nataki Tompkins, is a wife, mother, and Minister of God.  She has worked with a well known pharmacy retail company for 16 years.  Overall, Nataki has 24 years of experience in customer service and 20 years in management and administration.  In 2010, she sacrificed her career to be at home with her two young boys.  This was something she felt very strongly in her heart.

 As a result of this opportunity of being a stay-at-home mom, the long desire to become an entrepreneur has presented itself.  The Lord laid on her heart this simple yet very profound quote; “In a world of possibilities, seize opportunity” and this is what she is doing. With this quote, Love’s Creation Inc. was formed.  Making Christmas gifts for her friends and family has turned into an every day passion.
“This is more than a business it is a ministry.”  ~Nataki Tompkins
This Michigan mom’s business, Love’s Creation, is a truly amazing inspirational business.    Here are some details highlighting the products you will see on the website: 

Love’s Creation Highlights
  • The prints created are an expression of God’s heart toward people all around the world and they come in an array of colors to accent any home, office, or church décor.
  • We also offer customized prints and framing: Do you have specific words that you would like said or would you like your print in a different language?  Or, do you need a particular sized frame other than the more popular sizes?  We will put it together for you.  Just call or email for details.
  • Coming soon, we will be offering Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Bookmarks, Calendars, and Magnets. 
  • Visit our site:  Also receive 10% off your purchase through June 1st.  Remember Mother’s Day is approaching.  Right Moms?

 If you are interested in any of Nataki’s designs and products, you can contact her directly through email at: or cell phone: 248-910-2299.

A special thanks to Nataki for allowing me to showcase her business here on Michigan Home Mommy Works.  It was an honor and a privilege!

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