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Good afternoon Michigan business moms. I hope you all had a very blessed weekend!  I trust you enjoyed our latest Michigan mom feature post.  If you didn’t get a chance, feel free to check it out.

Today, I would like to briefly talk about online advertising and what it can do for your business.  As many of you may have already learned, Michigan Home Mommy Works offers multiple advertising options to help spread the word about your business.  This is especially beneficial whether your business is online or offline.  Either way, we are in a day and age where pretty much every business out there has some sort of business website and engages in social networking.

Just recently, I signed up with a program that allows me to turn all non-linkable business website logo/banners into linkable logo/banners.  This is perfect for advertising on sites such as Michigan Home Mommy Works.  When a reader sees your banner and becomes curious they just click it and presto! It takes them to your business website.  This concept is currently used all over the Internet and is a great way to bring customers to your business.  You can see evidence of this practice on the right side bar of the blog.  Thanks again to Kathryn Clark of Simply Said and Jessica Preston of Finding Freedom for allowing me to advertise their Michigan mom businesses.  Simply Said is an example of a non-linkable logo/banner transformed into a linkable logo/banner.

Another version, (specifically used for blogs such as this) is a logo/banner with a HTML code underneath.  This is where you copy and paste the code and embed it into your blog editing system.  Michigan Home Mommy Works currently has this version as you can see on the right side bar of the blog.  Feel free to take my button and put on your blog/site! Hint, hint, haha!

If you currently have a non-linkable business website logo/banner and would like to transform it for online advertising, contact me at  I would be very happy to get that set up for you for a small fee.  Please contact me for details.

If you would like to advertise on Michigan Home Mommy Works blog, don’t hesitate to contact me or visit the advertising page and fill out an order form.  I submit all invoices through Paypal within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Many blessings!

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