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As many of you may have already heard, I have a new hobby business venture (Home Mommy Advertising) in the works.  While my separate freelance writing business keeps me very busy I still wanted to create something more for moms who have businesses or who desire to work from home.  With that said, Home Mommy Advertising will be launching a blog prior to the business launch very soon.

Home Mommy Advertising was conceived a year prior to Michigan Home Mommy Works blog.  It is now in the third trimester so to speak and hoping to be born by the end of summer or early fall of 2012.  In the mean time, the Home Mommy Advertising blog will be made available sometime next week to keep everyone up to date on the launch of my new hobby business “Home Mommy Advertising.”

Home Mommy Advertising will not be specifically targeted to just Michigan moms like that of the blog.  It will be targeted to all business and work from home moms alike.

How will I keep up with Home Mommy Advertising while also keeping up with Michigan Home Mommy Works blog and my freelance writing business?  I know it will be a challenge at times but doing so will be a joy.  If I knew I couldn’t do it then I wouldn’t that is for sure.  The fact is, I want to do it so I will make the time, haha!  My freelance writing business (Lindsey’s Freelance Writing) may be a lot of work at times as I do have quite a few clients with consistent deadlines, but I can’t complain as it can all be done from home.  This in itself is a major blessing to be able to work from home.  It was something I wanted for 6 years.  All glory goes to God above.  Now it’s my desire to help moms who also want to make income from home or start a home-based business on top of showcasing established businesses.

With Home Mommy Advertising, I will also be able to offer other services such as blog and social media management, resume services, work from home job or business searches, and more.  So again, keep an eye out for Home Mommy Advertising blog to stay up to date on the upcoming launch.  It is my hopes to get it published next week sometime if not sooner.  So stay tuned….

Many blessings!

Lindsey Jenn

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