The case of the mommy blog scare

Thank you Michigan business moms for your patience during my mommy blog scare.  The other day I was working on the “Home Mommy Advertising” blog (so I thought) and went to upload a new template and YIKES…….it was then I realized I was not in “Home Mommy Advertising” but “Michigan Home Mommy Works.”  It was too late! Everything was gone, ugh.  My throat felt like it was in my stomach and I began sweating bullets.  Ever feel like that when you make one of those mistakes? Eeek.  I immediately contacted my designer.  She just now started saving clients templates so unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them, boo. But in case that does happen again, she has my template saved, yay!  May God bless Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs for coming to my rescue, pheww!  Can you say mommy brain? Bleh lol Yeah, I have been having that a lot lately. LOL  So glad I can laugh about this now because it definitely was not a hilarious moment.

I hope you have a blessed weekend everyone!  Stay tuned for updated posts and also stay tuned for the launch of “Home Mommy Advertising” blog probably by the end of next week.

Lindsey Jenn

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