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Good morning Michigan business moms.  Do you know of a mom that may be interested in a franchise business?  There are definitely opportunities out there, it’s just knowing which one and how to get started.

Thank you to the Mom Corps for giving moms this opportunity.  What is Mom Corps?  First off, when you think of a Franchise you probably don’t think of a work from home opportunity, but with Mom Corps, a few of these opportunities are available.  Mom Corps is an “Industry first business model for the flexible staffing market.”

CEO Allison O’Kelly, is a mom who knows what mothers face when it comes to wanting to be at home with their children.  Her goals were to create opportunities for other moms and with the Mom Corps, these options are available.

Please feel free to pass on this info to another mom that may be interested in a business franchise opportunity through Mom Corps.  If you click here, you can view all the information valuable to the Mom Corps.  The Today Show has featured CEO Allison O’Kelly about these franchise opportunities.  Also, at the bottom of the page, you can fill out a Mom Corps request form to get more details.  You can also view extensive details directly from their website.

Thank you to Allison and Franchise Gator for sharing this exciting information with us.

Many blessings!

*Have a Michigan mom business you would like to showcase?  Please contact me at for more details.

*REMINDER: Mini giveaway ends this Friday!  Just need one person to sign up to win the product.  Don’t be shy! =p

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