5 Freebies for Moms

Good afternoon Michigan business moms.  Who here is a fan of freebies and free samples?  I know that I am, especially if it is something I have never tried before.  I came across 5 freebies that I think you may be interested in.  Check these out:

  1. Free Dippin Dots on your Birthday
  2. Free House Party:Lego Duplo Read and Build
  3. Coupon $2 Off POM Wonderful Juice (Coupon Offer)
  4. Donate4Free: The Chevrolet Tree Project
  5. Sweeps Pureology Precious Oil (Win a Sample)

I hope you enjoy these freebies.  Check them out ASAP before they expire or run out of samples.  Michigan Home Mommy Works is not affiliated with any of the links supplied for the freebies.  I am working with other blogs to bring you more mom freebies in the future.  Gotta love that right?  There might even be some chocolate freebies down the road.  I can’t resist jumping on those.
If  you know of any freebies out there that you think Michigan moms will be interested in, feel free to comment in the box below.

Many Blessings!

*If you are a Michigan mom looking to showcase your business, contact lindsey@michiganhomemommyworks.com for details!

* Don’t forget, the mini giveaway ends this Friday.  Enter now!

Lindsey Jenn

One thought on “5 Freebies for Moms

  1. Hi Lindsay! It's LaTonya Detroit Mom & Her Views! Thanks for Stopping by my Blog. We have a Made In Michigan Blog Hop coming up in October! Would Love to have u join our Facebook Group! Also I will be Downtown Detroit tomorrow with the Dove Ice cream Truck! Maybe U can come out and we could meet! here is the link to the Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/108815579222889/

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