Safe Halloween Costume Dye for Little Ones

Happy Monday Michigan moms and visiting readers. I trust you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend. Let us be praying for safety and protection for everyone on the east coast bracing for Hurricane Sandy.

This morning I am just going to do a brief write up on costume dye alternatives for little ones. This idea was introduced to me just last week and though my family is not big on Halloween, we still like to do church alternatives by dressing up and having fun.

Neon, purple, orange and pink are just a few of the colors you’re bound to see in kids’ hair this Halloween. Costumes are flying off the shelves right now and your little one doesn’t want to go without the most crucial element of their costume – the right hair! Has your kid been attempting to dye their hair to go with the Cruella Deville ensemble? Or the Hulk? Hair authority and author of Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair, Cozy Friedman, has some tips on how to safely dye your child’s hair for their fantasy costume.

1.Use Temporary Color

It’s less harsh than semi-permanent dye and won’t affect your child’s hair growth. Streekers is an amazing brand that offers a variety of colors that washes out after shampooing. From light blue to neon yellow Streekers temporary hair color will leave your kids with beautiful bouncing hair.


Kool-Aid has often been used to color hair. If you’re worried about chemicals in temporary dye, or simply would rather use something you already have in you house try some Kool-Aid. Put the Kool-Aid powder onto a damp head and bake in under a dryer, after about 30mins you have colored hair!

3.See A Stylist

See a stylist if you plan to let your child dye their hair often. A stylist will be able to ensure it’s kept healthy and recommend quality brands to try. Cozy’s Cuts for Kids carries Zach Wax Gel, a dye in gel form from So Cozy, that stylist often use to safely dye hair.

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These are great tips.  I love the Kool-Aid alternative the best!

Many Blessings,

Lindsey Jenn

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