Hurricane Relief: How Michigan Moms and Families Can Help!

Good afternoon Michigan moms and visiting readers.  After seeing photo after photo of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused, it definitely puts things into perspective for us here in Michigan.  Let us be praying for families that have lost so much.

I have been researching ways that we can be of help even if it is just a little.  Here are some ideas that are currently being utilized.  Please be praying and seeking out ways you and your family could be of help to those who suffered much in the east coast.  I know if it were us, we would be begging for help for our families.

  • Research charities through the Better Business Bureau (  This way, you know they are accredited and not a scam!
  • Give gifts of clothing, food, or in-kind donations.
  • Contact local churches to see if they are providing some sort of relief aid for Hurricane Sandy.

Some excellent word of advice I received recently was to be aware of online donations as they may be a scam.  Mainly be aware of sites that claim 100% of donations will help hurricane victims.

I have considered having my girls make little cheer-packages (stickers, cards, etc.) for children, but need to find out more on how that can be achieved and properly. Maybe area hospitals on the east coast?  If you know anymore information on how we can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, please feel free to comment below.  The more knowledge the better.

Many blessings!

Source: Fayette Woman
Image by: Michigan Home Mommy Works

Lindsey Jenn

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