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Good morning Michigan moms and visiting readers.  I would like to share with you something very touching and inspirational.  This was sent to the Michigan Home Mommy Works Facebook page and she wanted me to share this with all of you.  Read below.

Ami Fischer

FREE PHOTOS: Olivia Engle was one of the precious babies that lost her life at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14/12. The Olivia Act was created by a fellow photographer after learning that the Engle family had their family portraits taken not long before the tragedy. Understanding how truly priceless these photographs now are to this family the photographer has offered a free session to a family and is challenging other photographers to do the same.


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 I am accepting this challenge and will be giving away one free session including prints to a family. I am now taking nominations so if you know of a family who would benefit from and appreciate this amazing gift please email me their name, their email address or phone # and let me know why you are nominating them. PLEASE EMAIL ONLY, no names or stories on this post. Email all entries to and make the subject  “The Olivia Act” 

I will accept nominations until 12/31/2012 and the session can take place anytime in 2013. The family receiving this gift will be notified by mid January. Please consider sharing this post as well so that other families and photographers can take part.


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 Thank you so much for taking the time to read and nominate.” ~ Ami Jewell Fischer

Ami is a respected photographer located here in Michigan.  Please feel free to nominate a family that would benefit from The Olivia Act.  R.I.P. sweet Olivia Engle.  I know your family misses you dearly.

Thank you to Ami for sharing this info with us.  We are all deeply saddened and touched by this recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Middle School in Newport, Connecticut.  We can only pray peace and comfort on all of the families involved.

Many Blessings!

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