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I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I can’t believe it has come and gone.  It seems to go by faster every year, especially when there are kids involved.

As we approach 2013, I have a couple children’s books that I will be reviewing here on the blog.  I won’t reveal the titles as of yet because, well quite frankly, I am sitting here in bed recovering from a stomach bug.  I can’t seem to get myself up to go grab the titles to share with you.  Hang tight though, they will  be made available shortly. 

I am excited about one in particular, as it has to do with a name that just happens to be my middle daughter’s name, good stuff.

Well, sorry so short, I can barely keep my eyes open.  This Michigan mom needs a nap and to regain her strength.  Such a bummer.  I usually don’t get sick and when I do, ugh it knocks me down.  Thankfully, nobody else in the house is sick.  I think I just need to learn how to slow down. God may be testing me in this way.

If I don’t post tomorrow, stay tuned for Monday!

Many blessings everyone.

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