Mama Mio Lucky Legs: Revive Tired Legs

Calling All Moms….. 

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by the daily demands of life?  I think this is the life of a mom at one point or another. I am sure many of you agree with me regarding that statement.  It’s easy to get caught up and completely overlook our physical needs such as hair, skin, etc. 

I was just recently presented with a product by Mama Mio that you may be interested in trying.  It’s called Lucky Legs: rapid relief for heavy legs and feet.  If you are not familiar with Mama Mio, here is a brief excerpt:

Mama Mio Story

Way back in the early nineties, Sian and Kathy ran a small brand creation design agency called Miller Sutherland, specialising in beauty. That is how we met Tanya who was then working with a great aromatherapist. thus creating a team to develop a wonderful range of products giving us our first experience in the world of skincare retail. Fast forward 3 years and the three of us started to work together using our combined skills to create bespoke beauty ranges for brands and retailers. One of the perks of working in the beauty industry for so long and in so many different areas, is that we have built up a little black book of the very best biochemists, aromatherapists and skincare experts in the business. So when one of us had our first major skincare need (now called Charlie) we knew exactly what to do. Sian’s pregnancy was the catalyst for our very first Mama Mio product, Tummy Rub. Continue reading……..


One of the amazing products developed as mentioned above is a moisturizing serum rich in V-Tonic.  V-Tonic is an “incredible blend of safe essential plant oils combined with cooling Menthol, Spearmint, and zesty Lemon plus the soothing affects of Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Yarrow will make your legs feel loved.”
Basically, you just apply directly to your knees all the way down to your toes.  You get instant refreshment to your tired legs.  I love the fact it leaves a shimmering and sparkly look to your skin.  The tingly feeling is fun too.  No more tired legs.  I bet this product would work wonders before or after a leg massage.  Here are some of the leg and feet issues that Lucky Legs helps alleviate:
  • Overworked muscles
  • Air travel
  • Swollen feet
  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
It is also said to work great for pre or post workouts or a night out in heels!  I think I will be giving it a shot for both of these.  Just using Mama Mio’s Lucky Legs one time produced awesome results from a busy day on my feet.
Interested in purchasing Lucky Legs?  It is currently only $19.50 a bottle.  You can purchase this cooling serum at Mama Mio’s website.
Michigan Home Mommy Works received a full sample of Mama Mio Lucky Legs in exchange for this post.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.
Images courtesy of Mama Mio

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